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Who Invented the Game

There are many pieces of evidence that the hockey blog would like to present, of the game been played in Ethiopia in 1000BC and Iran in 2000 BC. But the earliest evidence of the game comes from the Egyptian civilization and is considered to be the most popular game of the times, says the hockey blog. The hockey blog finds out that there are multiple proofs that even before Columbus discovered America and the other countries, a similar game like that of hockey used to be played by the Aztecs, the greeks and the Romans. However, the hockey blog is convinced that the modern version of hockey is believed to have originated from the 18th century England in which Eton school and the likes can be given all the credit to popularize the sports like nothing else before.the countries like Ireland, Scotland and England were among the first ones who took the initiative to make a hockey association of international standards. the first game of hockey in the Olympics was played in 1908, in which countries like Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Germany had participated.

Today, hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially on the American continent. Because of that, it is an inspiration for many movies and games. Fans of the sport can even play hockey themed-slots for real money in online casinos that can be found at Joueraucasinofiable.com.

What Are the Levels of Pro

The hockey blog explains that the following pro leagues in professional hockey are played in three tiers.

  1. national hockey league: only the best of the hockey players from all around the world are allowed to participate in this league. They tend to get into this only after years of practice and very successful career being in the college teams.
  2. European hockey league: this seems to be a great option for the players who want to play and study abroad in the USA as the compensation for this league for each player can be a handsome $300000 along with the free lavish residence. The entry into this league is as difficult as that of NHL.
  3. American minor pro league: this one is the highest league of America after the national hockey league and is one of the most awaited events of the year for the hockey lovers.

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Top 10 World' Best Teams

  1. Canada: when it comes to hockey, Canada gets emotional. They call it their own sport.
  2. Russia: Russia seems to be undefeatable in hockey during the Olympics and that gives them second place on the list.
  3. India: India has been underestimated in many contexts but the world simply could not deny Dhyan Chand’s skills of hockey.
  4. United States: they might not be as good as Canada and Russia but they have made their own mark on the map of hockey
  5. Sweden: this little country has done a great job in the field of hockey as much as they have done in the field of beating plastic pollution.
  6. Finland: some people claim that Finland should have a place way above India as they are far better players than the Indian team.
  7. Czech Republic: although the team is not very consistent in their performances, whenever they play, they create magic.
  8. Slovakia: despite being a country of merely 5 million, this country has managed to make a mark in the field of all sports including hockey.
  9. Germany: a true gem in the necklace of hockey.
  10. Pakistan: although far behind in the list, it certainly plays well than many other countries.

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Road Hockey aka. Street Hockey

Road hockey is the outdoor version of the ice hockey that is generally played indoors. While ice hockey is played with skates on, road hockey is played on foot. It is also popularly known as ball hockey or deck hockey or street hockey. The game does not have any official and strict rules and is played locally by any player who is not even trained well to play hockey. In order to avoid any sort of injury, the players maintain a limited distance among themselves as they do not wear any professional types of equipment that can prevent them from injuries. Slap shops and raising of the sticks during the game are under the consideration of the players during the game. Even the ball that is used to play is subject to consideration of the players as any sort of ball can be used to play the game.