The boys are prairie bound heading to Calum’s favourite city in the whole wide world (and Mark’s least favourite), Winnipeg, Manitoba – home of the Blue Bombers! It is here, right in the dead centre of our country, where we hold our first inter-university road hockey blood bath: it’s Mark and the Bisons of The University of Manitoba versus their cross town rivals, the Wesmen of The University of Winnipeg, captained by Calum. This sweltering, co-ed rumble – featuring a guest appearance by NHLer Tyler Arnason – will see the losing host receive the infamous ‘RHR Suicide Pass!’

3 Stars of the Game

  • 1st Star – Tyler Arnason (U of Winnipeg)
  • 2nd Star – Stephanie “Mess” Messner (U of Manitoba)
  • 3rd Star – Bonnie Kroeker (U of Winnipeg)

Graeme Nieminen

  • English & History major
  • Spends all is time playing hockey and “Halo”
  • In a rap group called the ‘The Hip Hopsicles’

Tyler Arnason

  • NHL All-Rookie Team in ’02-’03
  • Donates time to the MS Society
  • Might not show up to class tomorrow

Sarah “SAS” Stebeleski

  • P.E. major
  • Won bronze at CIS Nationals
  • Only 5’1″ but stronger than you

Patty Nolin

  • Listens to fellow U. of W. grad, Fred Penner
  • Nickname: Patty Cake
  • Thinks Sidney Crosby is “a little pussy”

Stephanie “Mess” Messner

  • Math major
  • 2003 Canada West Rookie of the Year
  • Wants to make Calum her bitch

Bonnie Kroeker

  • Studying to be a gym teacher
  • Plays every sport
  • Runs her own roofing company

Dave Sharp – Goalie

  • Education major
  • People call him “Sharpy”
  • He’s very “sharp” in net

Scott Mcleod Arnould – Goalie

  • Favorite class: Microbiology
  • Ball hockey brick wall
  • Has a crush on U. of W. grad Chantal Kreviazuk


Tom Canada of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers shows up to help out for the punishment in Winnipeg. All Mark has to do is catch a pass from Calum but when 270 lb. Tom Canada is coming at you at full speed it makes things slightly more difficult. Tom really makes Mark pay for all his Bomber bashing this year!

“I only fear two people now: 1) Satan himself, and 2) CFLer Tom Canada” – Mark

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