Out of the Maritimes and into La Belle Provence, the Road Hockey Rumble motorhome sets its heading to the most contentious hot spot in all of Canadian history, Québec City! It was here in 1759 where the English triumphed over the French in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, leading to the British rule of New France. But after 248 years of animosity (and since the English beat the French a year ago in Season 1), it’s time for our inaugural RHR rematch: Calum’s Francophones versus Mark’s Anglophones! For the Winner, bragging rights and beer… for the Loser, ‘The RHR Casualty of War!’ This episode features guest appearances by hockey pros Éric Bélanger and Eric Chouinard.

3 Stars of the Game

  • 1st Star – Danny Deveault (Francophones)
  • 2nd Star – Eric Chouinard (Anglophones)
  • 3rd Star – Éric Bélanger (Francophones)

Brian Tuppert

  • Accomplished singer/songwriter
  • Nose was broken by road hockey ball
  • Beat Patrick Roy’s ball hockey team in ’87

Éric Bélanger

  • One of hte NHL’s top face-off men
  • Has played with the Kings, Hurricanes, Thrashers and Wild
  • Always dresses his right side first

Rick Leger

  • Auto industry sales rep
  • Has no hockey weakness
  • Perfectly bilingual, but refuses to speak French

Stephan Caron

  • Plays in highest division of the Québec Dek Hockey League
  • Used to work for the Québec Nordiques!
  • Very good French kisser

Eric Chouinard

  • His dad, Guy, was a star for the Atlanta Flames
  • Represented Canada at the World Juniors
  • Drafted before Datsyuk

Danny Deveault

  • Heading to Afghanistan with the Canadian Army
  • Ready for war on the court
  • Can bench press 2 Anglophones at a time

Gary Lynch – Goalie

  • Played Pro in the Continental Hockey League
  • Accomplished hockey author
  • Played on more hockey teams than you can count

Simon Tremblay – Goalie

  • Backstopped 2004 Québec City Dek Hockey Champions
  • Makes NHL goalie equipment
  • Speaks excellent Subtitles

The punishment for Quebec City was a paintballer’s wet dream. A half naked Mark stood in front of a firing squad of trigger happy paintballers whose only goal was to make him hurt.

“This was the only time in my life where I had tears of blood expelling from my chest and trickling down my stomach. Now I can officially check ‘bloody torso crying’ off my lifelong ‘to do’ list.” – Mark

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