Making their way through the Maritimes, the boys motor to Prince Edward Island – the land of the last living pterodactyl!! It is in the capital city, Charlottetown, where Mark and Calum venture on an ice-cream factory tour and come up with an Earth shaking, bowel moving road hockey rivalry… Dairy Lovers versus Lactose Intolerants! Yes, it’s Calum and the milk drinkers facing off against Mark and the intolerable Intolerants. And the punishment for losing… The Charlottetown S!#*Crow

3 Stars of the Game

  • 1st Star – Scott MacLean (Intolerants)
  • 2nd Star – John MacAdam (Intolerants)
  • 3rd Star – Adam McQuaid (Dairy Lovers)

Greg O’Brien

  • Plays for the UPEI Panthers
  • Great hands
  • Used to throw rocks at the milk man

Adam McQuaid

  • Drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • D-man for the Providence Bruins
  • Great badminton player too

John MacAdam

  • Son of Bill Asterton Trophy winner Al MacAdam
  • Played NCAA Div 1 Hocky at Wayne State
  • Has hated Calum for years

Mark White

  • Chartered accountant for Cow’s Ice Cream
  • Won Royal Bank Cup
  • Favorite ice cream: Wowie Cowie

David Ling

  • Lead OHL in PIMs one year, goals the next
  • Has played in the NHL, IHL, AHL and Russian Super Lague
  • Nickname: Piggy

Troy Coffin

  • A rock on the point
  • Thinks lactose intolerants shouldn’t be allowed to vote
  • Favourite drink: White Russians

Scott MacLean – Goalie

  • Video Producer
  • Bantam PEI Champion in 1987
  • The 6th best goalie in his men’s league

Stu Dunn – Goalie

  • Civic Center Operation Manager
  • Former Mobile Mystic, Tallahasse Tigershark and Tupelo T-Rex
  • Favourite cheese: Mozzarella


After losing in Prince Edward Island, Calum is forced to endure the “Charlottetown S!#*Crow.” This punishment involved Calum, dressed as a scarecrow, being tied to a post and covered from head to toe with over a ton of liquid of manure. People could smell him all over Charlottetown for days!

“I hate manure” – Calum

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