Mark McGuckin

In British Columbia, the McGuckin name has long been synonymous with athletic ingenuity and cataclysmic road hockey play. As a young boy, Mark grew up idolizing the legacy of his forefathers and their long tradition of psychological warfare on the ‘asphalt jungle’ – affectionately known as the road hockey court. In his teens, Mark put his admired tradition into practice and got beaten badly … several times over. Now, having grown six inches taller and stacking on 40 plus pounds of raw twisted Canadian steel, Mark feels it’s payback time! He is also a Taurus and very, very single.

Calum MacLeod

Calum moved back to Winnipeg from Edinburgh, Scotland at the age of nine. Shortly thereafter he was introduced to the game of road hockey when he grabbed one of his neighbour’s broken sticks out of the garbage. Since then, Calum has been wreaking havoc in road hockey games from Winnipeg to Prince George and finally to Vancouver. It was here that his over-exuberant hitting, trash talking, and mucking gave him a reputation as a terror on the courts of UBC intramurals’ Tier Three ball hockey league. He also enjoys chocolate milk and curling…and is a HUGE Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan.

Stuntguy Phil

  • Enjoys romantic ballads.
  • Jumped on a campfire while partying with the players in Rankin Inlet.

Soundguy Dave

  • glider pilot
  • his motorless car is not so useful
  • Weight gained on the road: 10 lbs.

Director Dwayne

  • his feature film, The Rhino Brothers, has won awards in numerous countries and was lauded by Show Business Insider as “an audacious feature debut.”

Cameraman Aaron

  • Snores louder than all of the crew members.
  • Was accidentally wounded during a punishment scene for the Tatamagouche, NS episode

Production Assistant Adam

  • Hobbies include biking and subverting civilization.
  • Paid $5 to use a toilet on the road.
  • Swam to the bottom of Great Slave Lake to recover a fallen camera while filming in Yellowknife, NT.

First AD Brad

  • the first tv show he ever worked on was Viper!
  • nickname: Bad News Brad
  • loved the waterslides in Quebec City

Producer Ed

  • Throws up at every party he goes to.

Director Matt

  • spent a lot of time with Mark this summer – playing Magic: The Gathering
  • Nickname: Radar
  • If he could fight anyone on the crew it would be Cameraman Shayne.

Producer PJ

  • Favourite province: Ontario
  • Loves to bet on everything!
  • Loves Toronto

Cameraman Shayne

  • accidentally killed his pet monkey when he was a child
  • once nearly died from the bird flu while working on set
  • If he could only ever watch one television show ever again it would be Manimal.
  • Shayne doesn’t like hockey and he wants to know what you are going to do about it!

First AD Terry

  • backstopped the Philosophy Team to a win in the Interfaculty hockey championships at Memorial University
  • is like a 1st AD and a half
  • the only crew member to have tried road-kill.

Network Robot

  • Name: model #NR873A
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Weight: 180.00 lbs
  • Favourite drink: Strawberry Daiquiris
  • Favourite musician: Styx


  • interests: road hockey, soldering, debugging, spreadsheets
  • can’t wait for punishment scenes each week
  • spends a lot of time reading Popular Mechanics for Kids on the motor home toilet.

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