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Back on the prairies, with the motorhome up and running, the boys hop on the #1 highway and head to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Famous for its underground tunnels, utilized by the likes of Al Capone in the bootlegging days of U.S. prohibition, Moose Jaw has grown into a typical contemporary town with a penchant for a new kind of bootlegging… media bootlegging! Game 9 of our series sees Calum and his Team Ethical face of against Mark and his team of music, movie, and software pirates – The Bootleggers! Regardless of any copyright infringements, the losing host will be a sitting duck for this week’s punishment, receiving ‘A Taste of His Own Medicine!’

Team Bootlegger: 2 Team Ethical: 7

3 Stars of the Game

  • 1st Star – Jaimie Wallace (Team Ethical)
  • 2nd Star – Dan Poirier (Team Ethical)
  • 3rd Star – Jason Henderson (Team Bootlegger)

Team 1, Player 1 pic

Dustin Usher

  • Self-employed roofer
  • Played Junior "B"
  • Plans to upload an ass kicking

Team 2, Player 1 pic

Daniel Poirier

  • Played Jr. "B"
  • Recently bought te new Ozzy album
  • Plays like a Broad Street Bully

Team 1, Player 2 pic

Tanner Gillies

  • U. of R. student
  • Played 3 years in the WHL
  • Especially love the idea of downloading the Foo Fighters

Team 2, Player 2 pic

Jared Henderson

  • Works in construction
  • Great team players
  • loves his virus-free computer

Team 1, Player 3 pic

Riley Gillies

  • Plays "AAA" Midget
  • Won U18 Boxing Provincials in ’07
  • Wishes he could download pizza

Team 2, Player 3 pic

Jamie Wallace

  • Has got some serious moves
  • Owns a yard care business
  • Carpet matches the drapes

Team 1, Player 4 pic

Jason Henderson – Goalie

  • Aggressive goaltender
  • Thinks overconfidence is for pussies
  • Helps sort through NHLPA player emails

Team 2, Player 4 pic

Conrad Vautour – Goalie

  • Transplanted New Brunswicker
  • Positional goalie
  • Handy in the net, handy around the house

Punishment Title

In honour of Saskatchewan being the birthplace of universal healthcare in Canada, the "Medicine Ball of Death" is rolled down a huge hill colliding into Mark’s chest and sending him flying backwards down a hill.

punishment pic 1

"After this punishment I made a 5-year-plan promise to myself…I will not let any kind of ball(s) touch my chest for a very, very long time!" – Mark

punishment pic 2

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