Stranded in Newfoundland since Season 1, Mark and Calum are bribed to hit the road on a trek back west! Their first stop is to the donnybrook-of-a-town, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador where we ignite the first rivalry of the season – Fire versus Fuzz. Mark and the most talented members of the Corner Brook fire department face off against Calum and the toughest Corner Brook cops of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. At the end of the match either Mark or Calum is subject to the punishment, ‘The Newfie Scrub Down!’ Our first episode features a guest appearance by hockey pro and Corner Brook native, Jason King.

3 Stars of the Game

  • 1st Star – Kirk Costello (Fire)
  • 2nd Star – Jason King (Fire)
  • 3rd Star – Craig Pilgrim (Fuzz)

Greg Dinney – Goalie

  • 2nd generation firefighter
  • Loves cheeseburgers! With ketchup!
  • Stay outta his crease

Glenn Green

  • Played in World Pond Hockey Championships
  • Always wanted to be a cop
  • Saw Police Academy 329 times

Kirk Costello

  • Nickname: Kamikaze Kirk
  • Plays Sr. hockey for the Corner Brook Royals
  • Played Jr. B for the St. John’s Jr. Celtics

Brad Elliott

  • Played AAA Midget
  • Restoring ’66 Impala
  • Has a world-class moose call

Justin Martineau

  • Went to the Eastern Canadian Ball Hockey Championships
  • Won Confederation Cup in high school
  • Smokes cigarettes between periods

John Goss – Goalie

  • Literally fills the net
  • 22 year veteran of the RNC
  • Can remember the Leaf’s last cup

Jason King

  • Anaheim Duck
  • 63 goals in 61 games for Halifax Mooseheads in ’01-‘02
  • Hates fire

Mike Gill

  • Acquired at the trade deadline
  • Nickname: Mr. Shootout
  • Played Jr. and Sr. Hockey

Craig Pilgrim

  • Ruptured his Achilles tendon during the 2nd period
  • Nightmare in front of the net
  • Like Robocop with a hockey stick


Calum is subject to The Newfie Scrub Down – his entire body is covered in peanut butter while 3 large Newfoundland dogs attempt to lick it off. To finish the job the winning Team Fire help out with an extremely high powered fire hose.

Calum says, “Why do dogs always want to lick my nipples?”

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